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The doctors of The Bone Institute and the scientists of Steiner Laboratories work together to bring tissue engineering directly to the patient. The purpose of The Bone Institute is to provide treatment solutions for patients who are unable to find a solution through traditional medical and dental treatment. We specialize in the regeneration of bone lost from disease, atrophy or trauma and the growth of bone to improve facial esthetics.

The following is a small sampling of the innovative surgical procedures and bone graft materials developed at The Bone Institute. These pages include detailed photographs of surgical procedures that we have developed and are provided here so that patients and practitioners can become informed regarding the treatment options available at the Bone Institute.


The Steiner Sinus Lift™

Ridge Augmentation using OsseoConduct™

Inverted Periosteal Graft for Periodontal Disease

Inverted Periosteal Graft for Regenerating Bone and Gingiva Removed During Osseous Surgery

Lower Face Reconstruction

Inverted Periosteal Graft for Failing Implants

Socket Regeneration

Socket Regeneration Protocol


Regen Biocement™

OsseoConduct™ Granules

OsseoConduct™ Cortical Plates™



Socket Graft™

Our goal is to regenerate tissue by using grafting materials that stimulate bone growth. Our innovative surgical methods utilize the patientís own regenerative cells to rebuild bone. We seldom transfer bone from another part of the body (autograph) or use processed human (allograph) or animal (xenograph) tissues. It is our goal to restore normal form, function and appearance to the face, jaws and teeth through the science of tissue engineering.

The Bone Institute has pioneered a number of surgeries that are revolutionizing treatment options for patients. In order to regenerate the bone lost as a result of periodontal disease, The Bone Institute developed the Inverted Periosteal Graft. The Inverted Periosteal Graft is the first new surgical modality to treat periodontal disease in 40 years. Additionally, the Bone Institute is also responsible for the development of the Steiner Sinus Lift, which is a simple and non-traumatic surgery designed to regenerate bone in the sinus for implant tooth replacement. A number of surgical modalities and new materials, including those to rebuild the bones of the jaws and face, are currently under development as well.
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Call us toll free (866) 317-1348
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