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Fluoride is a ubiquitous element having many biological functions. The human body stores fluoride in the bones as a reservoir and releases the stored fluoride in an effort to maintain adequate fluoride for physiologic needs. Fluoride also incorporates into many molecules of the body replacing the hydroxyl radical thereby significantly increasing the biological activity of the molecule. The known functions of fluoride in the body are as follows:

Prevention of tooth decay (caries) 1

Stimulation of cells that produce bone (osteoblasts)2,3

Increases production of antibodies4


Causes death (apoptosis) of cancer cells6,7

Prevents chromosome damage preventing mutation8

Increases bone volume and bone density9,10

Increases bone and bone density in bone grafts11,12

As fluoride intake increases cancer incidence decreases significantly13

As fluoride intake increases heart disease incidence decreases14

Essential F contains 4.48 mg of fluoride per capsule to ensure you receive the minimum amount of fluoride as advised by the Food and Nutrition Board (FNB) of the Institute of Medicine. As outlined in an article published in Medical Hypotheses, Steiner Laboratories contends that fluoride is a nutritional requirement for normal human physiology. When an inadequate amount of fluoride is consumed disease develops. Tooth decay and cancer are very low in areas with very high fluoride in the water supply (NE Africa, Middle East, India and SE Asia). Areas with low fluoride concentration in the water have high tooth decay and high cancer incidence (North America and Europe). Essential F is formulated to provide a similar amount of fluoride that is contained in one liter water (approximately one quart) in areas with very low tooth decay and very low cancer incidence rates. Essential Fluoride taken daily will maintain a blood level of fluoride that is well within the normal physiological threshold of 190 ug/ml15.

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Directions and Dosage:

Adults only. Keep out of reach of children. Adults take one capsule per day.

Each capsule contains:

Active ingredients: 4.48 mg. fluoride

Inactive ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin, 5.52 mg. sodium

Each order is a one month dose of 30 capsules


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