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STEINER LABORATORIES is a biotech company located on the leeward coast of Oahu, Hawaii. Our primary focus is regenerative medicine. While our research efforts go back a decade, our first products in this field were introduced to the market in 2006. Since then, we have expanded our line of dental bone grafts to offer a wide range of innovative regenerative products for dentists around the world. One of our biggest strengths is your access to our staff. When you call with questions about our products you will be connected with someone who has been with the company for years and has assisted in product development and in surgeries using our products. If you have questions about the science behind our products or how to handle a particular case our doctors are here to help. Our goal is to be your information source for any bone grafting question you may have. Thank you for visiting Steiner Laboratories.

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Socket Graft Putty     Patented
Designed for Regenerating Bone in Extraction Sockets

Regen BioCement Putty     Patented
Designed for Ridge Augmentation

Sinus Graft™ (Previously Regen Biocement Flow™)     Patented
Designed to Hydraulically Lift the Maxillary Sinus Membrane for Sinus Augmentation

Socket Seals     Patent Pending
A New Concept in Barrier Membranes

OsseoConduct Granules
Porous Beta Tricalcium Phosphate Bone Graft

OsseoConduct™ Cortical Plates
Advancing the science of bone augmentation

Optimized bone graft wetting agent

Steiner Sinus Lift Surgical Intruments
Micro instruments for performing the Steiner Sinus Lift


Company News

Dr. Steiner received his undergraduate education and dental degree from UCLA. He completed his training in periodontics at Loma Linda University where he received extensive training in scientific research methodology. Dr. Steiner has devoted his career to bone and tissue regeneration with a goal of making his patients whole again.

Steiner Laboratories, a biotech company and a leader in the field of tissue engineering has discovered the needed molecule to grow the patient's own bone back without having to use cadaver bone, the patientís own harvested bone or animal bone.

If you are a clinician, and interested in learning Dr. Steiner's surgical methodologies you are welcome to visit his practice and watch his surgeries in Sacramento, California. An ideal learning experience is to refer your own patient and observe the surgery being performed with follow up care in your office.

If you are a patient and would like to find a clinician in your area who uses our products and techniques please contact Steiner Laboratories at 866.317.1348. If you are a patient and have been told there is no solution for your problem or cannot find an acceptable solution Dr. Steiner treats patients from around the country and is available for consultation in Sacramento, California. To arrange a virtual consultation to assess your treatment needs please contact Roslynn at 866.317.1348.

Steiner Laboratories has been awarded a patent for the first compound in the bone graft industry that enters the osteoblast to stimulate osteogenesis.


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Toll free (866) 317-1348
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Call us toll free (866) 317-1348
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