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Bone graft surgery is intended to grow bone in order to restore form and function to the skeleton. Bone graft surgery is often structural but can also be used for improving esthetics. A great deal of effort has gone into producing bone graft materials that aid bone growth but the bone physiology of patients who are undergoing bone graft surgery is often ignored. Bone graft materials cannot grow bone; they can only assist the body in producing bone. STEINER LABORATORIES is a scientific leader in producing effective bone graft materials. Through our research we have found that each bone graft patient exhibits varying degrees of bone growth. From this observation, STEINER LABORATORIES has embarked on an effort to naturally modify the patients bone physiology with the intention of achieving maximum bone regeneration from bone graft surgery.

Bone is constantly changing and there is a balance between bone formation and bone removal. If a patient’s bone physiology is tipped in the direction of bone formation, bone will be added to the skeleton. If bone physiology is tipped in favor of bone removal, the skeleton will lose bone. If a patient has a negative bone balance the skeleton will loose bone density and bone volume. For example, post menopausal women often have a negative bone balance which results in bone loss. Doing bone graft surgery relies upon the patient’s ability to produce bone. Performing bone graft surgery on a patient who is actively loosing bone may explain why some bone graft surgeries fail. OSTEOAIDtm was developed to naturally tip a patients bone physiology in favor of bone formation. OSTEOAIDtm contains two active ingredients- vitamin K2 and fluoride. Extensive studies have shown that both fluoride and vitamin K2 stimulate the skeleton to produce bone increasing bone density and volume when taken orally (see references). OSTEOAIDtm should be taken orally beginning three days before bone graft surgery and continuing until three weeks after surgery. When taken as prescribed, fluoride and vitamin K2 have no known side affects. Each capsule of OSTEOAIDtm contains 10 mg of sodium fluoride which is within the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for fluoride. While there is no RDA for vitamin K2, the body cannot form bone without it. Vitamin K2 is required for the bone mineralization process to occur. Long term studies involving up to 75 mg of sodium fluoride per day and 45 mg of vitamin K2 per day have produced significant bone formation without significant side effects. Based on clinical studies, STEINER LABORATORIES recommends taking one capsule four times a day (or one capsule approximately every six hours) for optimal bone growth. OSTEOAIDtm is available in two different daily dose regimens. For ideal results, that match the published scientific studies, OSTEOAIDtm should be taken four times per day. However, due to the significant expense of vitamin K2, OSTEOAIDtm is also available at two capsules per day. Two capsules will not ensure the bone stimulation found in the clinical studies but it will ensure that the patients bone has an adequate amount of fluoride and vitamin K2 to respond to bone surgery. Two capsules of OSTEOAIDtm will ensure that the patient is not deficient in fluoride and vitamin K2 during the critical healing phase of surgery. For those patients who find OSTEOAIDtm unaffordable at the end of the included references is a table of foods that contain significant amounts of vitamin K. Please note that this table lists the total amount of vitamin K found in these foods and not vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is primarily produced by bacterial in the intestine and the amount of vitamin K2 which is the primary type of vitamin K responsible for bone formation may be very small or not present in these foods.

Each capsule contains 10 mg Sodium Fluoride
10 mg Vitamin K2
Microcrystalline cellulose as filler
Dispense 50 or 100 capsules
Instructions If ordering 50 capsules, take one capsule in the am and one capsule in the pm beginning three days before surgery and continue until gone. If ordering 100 capsules take four capsules per day approximately every six hours beginning three days before surgery and continue until gone. 
Cost $250 for 50 capsules

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