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Loss of the alveolar ridge after the trauma of dental extraction varies, but unless a socket preservation procedure is performed some loss of the alveolar ridge is inevitable. When the alveolar ridge is significantly resorbed bone regeneration is needed to provide an adequate housing for dental implants. REGEN BIOCEMENT was designed to facilitate appositional bone growth to predictably regenerate bone lost from disease, trauma or atrophy.

This patient presented with a failed bridge and wanted dental implants. An inadequate buccal-lingual width of approximately 4mm prevented the placement of dental implants without ridge augmentation.

This radiograph shows the edentulous ridge with the added complication of a foreign body in the area of tooth #18.

Crestal incisions expose the atrophied alveolar ridge. The foreign body is located and removed utilizing buccal access to the foreign body located in the center of the alveolar ridge.

The defect resulting from removal of the foreign object is filled and the alveolar ridge is augmented with resorbable LD hydroxylapatite mixed with REGEN BIOCEMENT wetted with HYDRASE. The mix is easily formed to the desired shape of the new alveolar ridge.

An OSSIX collagen membrane is placed and primary closure is achieved with vicril 40 sutures.

One week post op

Two week post op radiograph.

Two week post op radiograph

One month post op of rebuilt ridge on left adjacent to the original ridge on right for comparison.





OSSIX resorbable collagen membrane

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